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Uriah is an award winning filmmaker who has spent the past 25 years developing and refining his skills in all genre of moving pictures. 

From Directing commercials, to Producing and shooting feature and documentary films, his passion lies in exploring and sharing the world. 

To engage the viewer, inspire an adventure, or initiate a spark of creativity, that is the journey. To widen the perception and drive the curiosity that creates the change, that is the goal.

Throughout his career Uriah’s credits include 19 feature films, 23 television shows and numerous short’s and commercials, with clients such as BMW, KitchenAid, Beachbody, Tillamook and others.


Uriah's work has been featured in many festivals including: CPHDOX, L'HIFF, CANNES Short Film Corner, NFMLA and won awards at the L'HIFF, OTB, Global Shorts LA and the Accolade Competition Film Festivals.

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